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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOAR 2012

I got back on Friday night from SOAR 2012 which was held in Tahoe City, California.  It was held at the Granlibakken resort.  It was a lovely place to hold a conference.  We had snow most of the days we were there but the good news is it didn't start until we got there and it stopped a day or two before we left.  Perfect timing on both parts.  The food was excellent and plentiful and I bought way too much stuff at the fiber market.

I took a workshop for 3 days which was Spinning Cotton with Joan Ruane. She was an excellent teacher and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The first day of the workshop we dyed ginned cotton and cotton sliver. She was very proud of the group's ability to spin cotton but I don't think any of us were novices at cotton spinning. We all took to it like ducks to water. I have some beautiful photos of the almost white out snow conditions of the ski hill behind the hut where we were taking our class. The only heating was a pot belly wood burning stove. My eyes were not happy with the wood smoke but it was quite charming.

I went with my friend Ginny who flew out from Minnesota on Saturday. She spent the night and we left for Tahoe the next morning. We stayed an extra two nights after the conference was over so we could enjoy ourselves and relax after it was over.  It was an unnecessary expense in one way but we were glad we did because of the snow. I would not have wanted to try to put cable chains on my Prius. There is almost no clearance above the tires and I think it would have been difficult to get my hands in there.  And all kinds of things can happen to cars with chains and travelling on snow and ice. I would have been devastated if my little Prius had gotten damaged.

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