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Friday, October 5, 2012

Not much to report

Last weekend, I went with my friend Christi to Cambria to the Central Coast Weaver's 3 day adventure at Camp Ocean Pines.  It's a really beautiful area on the Pacific.  Even though it was 100 degrees here in San Jose, the mornings were cool and foggy.  Lovely. Pictures here:

Still trying to finish the shibori dyed kimono. It's been a challenge to get it hemmed because I don't have a dress form. I may have remedied that yesterday by contacting the company from whom I want to buy the form.  Daryl Lancaster recommends this particular form and it's called Uniquely You. I guess it's a real challenge to get it formed to your shape (like it takes a day to do it). But once you get it formed, it's the closest representation of you that you can get.  They are out of stock until the end of October, so that form won't help me with this project. I think I'm on the last stage of hemming right now, the bottom.  I have the lining sewed and the bottom pinned. I'm hoping to be finished today with this.

Then I'm on to working on the Austin Hoodie again.  I have finished the body and now have to start on the sleeves and the hood. It's looking good so far.  After knitting the body, they have you block it, before starting the sleeves and hood.  It's a good idea because the stitch they have you do on the middle bodice is a funny stitch that pulls in the stitches in that area.  It really needs to be blocked out. 

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