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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handspun Silk & Camel

At CNCH in April, I bought some wonderful fiber that I've been slowly spinning. To savor the feel of it and dream of while I'll do with it. I still don't have a project in mind because I just love the process of spinning. This yarn is a 3 ply silk and baby camel with a fine thread of shiny thread to hold it together and give a bit more shine. I think I must have over 500 yards. It was the most expensive fiber I ever bought at $12 an ounce.

Knitted Jewelry?

OK. I never would have imagined that one could knit attractive jewelry. I took a little 2 hour workshop a few weeks ago in the summer schedule of the Blacksheep Guild offshoot called Beginning Weaver's Group. In the summer, the weavers delve into different things than they normally would get into. I had no idea this necklace would come out so pretty. I wore it to the dentist's office the other day and got lots of comments from the ladies in the office about it. Even the dentist asked some questions about how I made it.