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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bobbin Lace Making

No, this is one craft that I don't do. But Margaret More does. She's a music teacher, dancer, harp player, spinner, bobbin lace maker and all round good sport. Here are some pictures of her lovely bobbins and lace making set-up. This one's a bit blurry but it was really hard getting a good picture. Plus my camera isn't doing closeups very well right now, even the macro doesn't seem to be working.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pretty Handcard Covers

I had some leftover overshot from a weaving project I did last year so I put it to good use by making handcard covers. It was really easy to make, just took a bit of time. I bought some cotton fabric at fabric store for the lining, laid the handcards on the fabric to determine how large to cut. I overlapped one side and cut a slit in the middle of one side, sewed the lining on, sewed some velcro to close it and voila!

Here's what they look like without the cards:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finished Fiber Trends Felted Clogs

I just realized that I hadn't posted the finished pictures of my finished knitted, felted clogs. Here is a picture of them with my feet next to them for comparison. Felting is sooooo much fun! You keep throwing them back in the wash and checking them every 5 minutes until they are the size you want.

Catching Up and August Dye Workshop

O.K. I know it's been a couple weeks at least but I've been busy! My daughter and family are here from the U.K., around London, and we are putting new windows in and everything has to be cleared away from the windows for 3 feet. That's a major project for us. Anyway, even though I don't have any of my own pictures to post, here are some photos that a friend of mine took of a dyeing workshop that we took last Saturday, August 9th. What fun! Anni Redding was the lady's name and she was amazing. She can get amazing brilliant colors from natural dyes, like I have never seen before. Here are the pics:

The multicolored skeins are the skeins and colors that came from only 4 dye pots, just by using different mordants. I can't wait to do more experimentation! We had the dye workshop on Mt. Hamilton at a friend's house. She and her husband work at Lick Observatory for the last 30 years. The view was absolutely spectacular in all directions from her mountain top home. It was a really great day and now we have a huge card of samples and 8 pages of dyeing notes to do more experimentation.