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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finished Objects

I finished knitting a couple of things this last week.  One is a little sweater for a grand daughter and the other is a pair of fingerless gloves for me.  The sweater is superwash. You never know how these little child garments will be taken care of.  At least it will be warm and I won't have to worry about it coming out the size of a postage stamp after it's washed. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Other news on the home front.  The new roof is up and the supports are installed for solar panels. The solar panels are being installed next week. It will take about another six weeks before we will be able to use them though. Kind of intolerable but what are you gonna do?  The permit process is long and arduous plus we have to get PG&E to install a meter that will run backwards.  Yay!

Also, Jim is having a fireplace insert installed so we can be cozy this winter. We are loathe to turn on the heat in the winter because our PG&E bills are outrageous. We have a lot of electronics running and several computers going 24/7 plus a large refrigerator and a large freezer in the garage. The solar stuff is going to help a lot!