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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Falklands Wool & Shibori Kimono

I finished the shibori dyed short kimono last night (finally!). The sewing machine and (stuff) has been sitting on the living room table for weeks while I futzed around with it, pinning here, tweaking there (since I didn't have a dress form - which will be remedied by the end of the month I hope).  The jacket looks great and It's Big Enough!  I took the pattern out of a book and the model looked to be normal woman sized but I guess you just can't tell by photos.  I used their measurements but the danged thing was probably 4-5 inches too short and 4-5 inches small in the bust.  Luckily I had extra pieces of shibori dyed fabric for just such an occasion that I had dyed from the same dye and using the same techniques as the first dyeing experience.  I won't post a photo of it here though because it doesn't look much different than my previous photo, except it's hemmed of course.

I plied and finished off a nice hank (2 - 4 oz. braids) of Falklands wool that I had gotten from Etsy a few months ago.  I love the colors - purple and a soft green. I'm just a little surprised it's not softer.  I got 484 yards of 2 ply out of it. It looks to be about dk weight yarn.

I have finished the body of the Austin Hoodie. I've been working on this for months off and on. I think I started it in July. I, obviously, don't put knitting as my first priority.  I love love the yarn. It's a single strand yarn by Madelyn Tosh called Lichen. It's 1/2 silk and 1/2 merino and feels lovely. It's a fingering weight yarn. I picked up for the left sleeve last night while watching TV.

We also finished watching the last episode of Primevel. It may be the last ever since it might not be renewed. (BooHoo).  I was a fun watch though and the whole (3?) seasons can be found on Netflix instant.

I think that's all for now.

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