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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Boxes

We don't have much viable land to plant a garden in the back yard. We have a 9' triangle in one corner that is the primary growing area. However, tomatoes don't like to be planted in the same space for more than a couple of years. This year, we came up with an alternative - earth boxes. They are a container growing system that comes with special fertilizer and a package of dolomite (calcium). It's supposed to help you grow amazing plants and vegetables. This is what they look like now:

We planted the corn as seeds the day before we left for Washington. They have grown about 3" in that one week - although we heard that the weather wasn't that great a lot of that time. This corn looks very close together but this is the recommended distance apart, that the manufacturer of the earth boxes recommends. The package says they should be spaced about a foot apart. I guess we'll find out which is best - won't we :o).

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