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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CNCH - 2010

We had a rip roaring good time at CNCH last weekend. It was three days of classes, spinning corral, market, Saturday night dinner and lots of fun. Friday, I took a class from Daryl Lancaster called "Warp Fast". It seemed to be mostly about warping with a paddle which Daryl demonstrated how to do. She had a very comprehensive slide show that showed all the tools that she didn't have room to bring in her luggage including the AVL warping wheel. I thought I'd be able to go home early that night and spend some time with my honey but I found out that the fashion show was Friday night. So I hung around and went to that. It was fabulous. They all did an amazing job.

Saturday I had a class all day with Daryl Lancaster called "Custom Fit & Fabulous". It was a class on how to make a custom fitted jacket pattern. As usual, Daryl was fabulous, she's a wonderful teacher and so much fun! I squeezed in a few minutes to go to the market on lunch break and bought some yarn. Saturday night was the big dinner, presentations and speeches. It lasted until about 9:30pm. Syne Mitchell was our keynote speaker and she did a fabulous job. Her talk was called "Weaving the Web". She talked about how the web has helped spread the word of weaving to many weavers that might not have known about it. The web also helps us weavers stay connected with each other to find out what is going on out in the weaving world. It's also a great place to pick up techniques , used weaving equipment and yarns for weaving.

Sunday was a half day of classes from 8:30-11:30. I took a class from Robyn Spady called "Weaving TNT". It was 3 hours of hints and weaving tricks. There were some amazingly helpful hints & tricks here. The only bad thing (if there is one) is that there were no photos or drawings of the things she talks about. The reason, I believe, is because she wants to sell a monograph booklet at the end of the year with photos of these things. It would have been really good if she had that booklet available for the class to buy so that we could write notes in the book and take it home right there.

So on Saturday night I was talking to one of my weaving buddies and heard that she was selling her Roberta electric spinning wheel for a song. I had been looking at them for a while and had been considering buying one and was a bit dismayed that I had missed this opportunity to pick one up. She said that she was using the proceeds from the Roberta to apply to an electric wheel that they were selling at the show called a Hansen electric wheel. It's only 4 pounds and is so light that you can put it into your suitcase when travelling. So, since I got a fairly hefty tax refund I wasn't expecting, I used part of it to buy the wheel. I also got a Woolee Winder on it, extra bobbins & a portable battery. It spins like a dream and I'm so happy I bought it.

I also bought a boat load of yarn from this guy who is at all the shows. He sells yarn for wholesale pricing. I bought 2 large bags of yarn. I'll post photos of all this booty later when I have time to take picture of it.

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