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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dead Blog (almost but not quite)

It seems that I have let my blog go so long without posting, people probably think I'm dead. I'm not people! Still here, creating something every day, even if it's just creeping along at times. I usually have several things going at the same time. I am knitting and doing card weaving at the moment. I am creating a lovely little pebble weave band from Linda Hendricksons, 2 Hole Pebble Weave book.  I finished a kumihimo lanyard for CNCH last night while watching TV and really need to pick up my knitting again. I have also picked up an interest in tapestry weaving, which I haven't done much with up until now, except collect materials. I have signed up for a way day tapestry weaving class in Mendicino in late April 2017. We will stay near Mendicino the week before the class and see the area (again). It's a wonderful place with lots to enjoy and see. We are staying on a house on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. It's going to be wonderful, after a long wet winter here in San Jose, CA.  Then the next week, I will be at Asilomar for 3 days at CNCH taking a weaving class.

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