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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crochet Jewelry

I created this necklass in a Blacksheep Study Guild workshop a couple of weeks ago. I just thought to blog it. I found a box that exactly matches the color of the necklass, how unusual is that? Thank you Patt Shelton for teaching it.

It's very easy to make. Just some simple single crochet. You prestring the beads onto 32 gauge wire and then single crochet them together. The hardest part of this is trying to figure out how to make a necklass symetrical. Of course, leave it to me. I'm the only one in the group who tried to do a symetrical necklass. And, of course, my long center beads, were not centered in the version I made in the workshop. I had to go home, cut the necklass apart to reclaim the beads and then rework it the next day. Didn't take too long to do, maybe an hour while watching TV. To finish it, you put on a couple of jump rings on each side, attaching them with a very small crimping bead and then attaching the finishing hardware, which you can see in the photo. Quite a fun project, which I might repeat this weekend at a retreat house I'm going to with some friends.

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