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Thursday, July 3, 2008

2nd Overdye Indigo Piece

Well, the first dyeing of the indigo piece wasn't dyed enough. I may not have soaked the fiber enough for the dye to migrate to the inside layers. Also with the latest dyeing, I folded the cloth around a smaller pipe (about 2-1/2"). The first pipe was about 4", and twice the size which made the design bigger. So, what I did with the 2nd dyeing was to fold the cloth so that the lightest fabric was on the outside layers. Each time I dye it, I get more color and it's looking prettier and prettier.

The 2nd project here is the painted warp piece. I took a class at CNCH in Sacramento with Betsy Blumenthal earlier this year. It was a fun, hands on class, and I got to take home my own painted warp from it. It didn't turn out very big because I wanted a warp faced weave and a weaving that started out being over 10", actually turned out to be only 5 or 6" because I had to thread the loom so close. The colors are subtle and they look like they kind of undulate. It's prettier than I thought at first. It's about 72" long and about 6" wide.

The last thing I did was the crocheted blanket for my grand daughter Fiona for her birthday in August. She lives with my daughter, her husband & 2 other siblings now in England. I saw this blanket on the Lionbrand website and thought it was pretty as a picture, just like her. And so colorful and cheerful. I will be able to give it to her in person when they come visit in a couple of weeks.

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