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Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of some things.  One is some jewelry I bought at a holiday fair yesterday. Now normally, I'm not really interested in the flatware jewelry or items that people sell. But these were so artfully done, I couldn't resist. And the bracelet is curved and fits around my wrist perfectly and will not get in the way while I'm typing. I loved the way the handle designs meet in the middle with a pretty bead. I also like the fact that they are turn of the century flatware and have the dates and the name of the pattern on the back. Nice details.
I also finished the February Lady sweater by E. Zimmerman (at least the baby sweater was hers, then someone modified it to fit big people (adults that is).  I had purchased some pretty wooden heart buttons for it and attached two of them and then realized that I had lost one of the buttons around the house.  So I took them off and put on some more buttons that I had bought at Yarn Dogs in Los Gatos.  I like them but are not what I originally envisioned. I'm sure the heart button will turn up again and hopefully I won't lose the other two before I find the third.

Lastly I present to you the finished iteration of the Daryl jacket.  I added some finishing details because it looked too plain as it was.  I added some banding around the sleeves, on the front pockets and in back (to look like a belt). I then added some pretty contrasting buttons that I had bought at Yarn Dogs in Los Gatos. If the jacket still fits later, I may put in a lining.  But at this juncture it's done. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

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