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Monday, May 17, 2010

Crazy Daze Around the Household

It has been crazy around the household in recent weeks. Even more than usual. Two weeks ago, Jim and I wound up making an unexpected quick trip to Brookings, Oregon to pick up an 8-shaft Baby Wolf loom. It is in pristine condition and was relatively cheap. I have been wanting to have a smallish loom to attach my Schacht Commby unit to. The Commby unit lifts all 8-shafts and works great on it. It seems that a lot of my weaving can be done on a smaller loom. The Commby has a few problems because it only works on Windows 98 with an old version of Weave It. It also can't seem to see our server at home. It will reach the outside though so we were able to attach a .wif file to hotmail and retrieve it on the computer. I think this old Toshiba is pre-usb ports so you can't stick a thumb drive in it.

I also sold the Mighty Wolf this weekend. That sale was unexpected as well. I didn't even have to advertise to get rid of it. I had put an ad at KBB-Spin saying if anyone knew anyone who was selling an 8-shaft Baby Wolf to let me know and some lady sent me an email saying that if anyone contacted me saying they had a Mighty Wolf, she was looking for one. So when I decided I would sell it, I emailed her back and she picked it up this weekend. A total lark, that one.

This last weekend was filled with guild activities. Saturday was spent at the History Park in San Jose at the Serendipity Spinners meeting. Spinning outside under an ancient oak tree. It can't get much better than that.

Sunday was spent with my Fiber Artisans group. We had a field trip to Mt. Hamilton to visit Lotus and Keith. Keith is a telescope technician and Lotus give tours and sets up the summer concert programs at Lick Observatory. I have had some really fun and interesting tours of the telescopes with them over the last few years. We ate lunch out on the deck that overlooks the back mountains (away from San Jose - on the other side). It was a lovely day and we all worked on w.i.p.'s. I did some spindle spinning - some beautiful camel and tussah silk I bought at CNCH, Sandy was putting a lining into a leather jacket and Lotus, Frank and Phyllis did Sprang. Lunches were courtesy of Lee's Sandwiches, Sandy brought brownies and Lotus made a lemon pie that was very reminescent of lemon bars and quite yummy. We took our time driving back down the hill in the afternoon and stopped to enjoy and pick some wild flowers on the way down. I picked up a little hitch hiker tick that Phyllis picked off me and threw out the window. Upon getting home, I got a through once over to make sure there weren't any other hitch hikers coming along on my clothing or skin. I was pest free thank goodness.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the beautiful wild flowers that we picked. The colors were much more vibrant in their natural setting under the sun. But this will give you an idea.

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