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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got a new Prius with the Cash for Clunkers Program!

I am so happy! I should say I'm still so happy. I've had the new car for about 3-4 weeks now and I'm still on cloud 9. I got a Prius V model in a pearl white color. It's so beautiful. There were a

couple of things I was a bit disappointed about though. 1) none of the dealerships in my area had either one of the two models with the latest technology. One was the one with the moonroof. The other one was the one with the High Technology package. The high technology package consisted of a lane assist feature where if you drifted out of your lane it would beep at you or if you got too close to another solid object it would beep at you. Each of those features were on a different model so you couldn't get both things on the same model. I was very surprised to learn that none of the dealerships thought these models would sell, so they didn't order any. There would have been a 2-3 month wait for one. I didn't have time. The cash for clunkers program had already run out of money once and I had a short window of time to get one. But after looking at three dealerships, I found a pearl white one in the highest level model they had. And it's a beauty with back-up camera, satellite radio, blue tooth hands free cell phone service and a lot more. Well this isn't an actual picture of MY car but it looks exactly like mine.

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