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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handpainted Bamboo Roving & Handspun

Here is the beautiful bamboo roving spun up. I'm a little disappointed that the yarn is so light in color. It's always a surprise when you see how your finished yarn looks compared to the raw fiber and to see what happens to the colors. I was thinking of overdyeing this fiber in darker colors but I think I'll just ply it with wool. The juxtaposition of the shiny fiber with the matt fiber will look really pretty even if it is a bit light. What I'm spinning now are the warm colors on the right side of the pile. There was a separate dyeing of the cool purples and greens. I'll post those later.

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Ann said...

Interesting. The spun single on your bobbin doesn't look light to me. But I see some of the light lavender in the roving that will spin up light.

The other question is, did the dye fully saturate the roving? If there are undyed fiber in the middle, that will lighten the yarn by quite a bit. Perhaps you need to wet it longer and/or add a drop or 2 of dish soap into the soaking bath. According the Judith, the surfactant in the soap will help wet the fiber more thoroughly.