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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cotton Chenille Towels

I wove these cotton chenille towels for xmas for my daughter. I wanted a bit of contrast for the darker stripes so I walnut dyed some of the chenille. It didn't come out quite as dark as I would have liked but I'm pretty pleased with them. I had problems with the selvedges. The yarn kept wanting to bunch up on the selvedges and pack in really tightly. I was thinking for a time that I would just keep these and use them since I don't care about that as much. Since they were a gift, I wanted them as perfect as possible. But the selveges were definitely not straight and even. Oh, also, I had quite a few little chenille pulls in the yarn. It must have been when the tension wasn't even and it would poke out the backside somehow. I surely didn't see anything like that from the topside. At first I thought they were skips but they are just little pulls.


Kerry H said...

Can I ask what you used for Warp? I'd like to weave some of these myself and I've had conflicting info on appropriate warp.

Weave, Spin, Dye - Oh My said...

Kerry, I think I used light weight rug warp for them. It was a few years ago now.